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Fleet Vehicle Enhancements

To help owners of large fleets ensure that they operate as safely and as socially responsible as possible a range of vehicle enhancements are fitted.

Some examples include:

In cab verbal alarms - these are applied to ensure that important tasks such as application of the handbrake and wearing of seatbelts are never overlooked.

Reverse bleepers - to help fleet operators work 24/7 but in a socially responsible way “white noise” alarms are fitted.

Engine idle cut outs - not only to protect the environment, but to improve fuel efficiency. Engine idle cut-outs are fitted to ensure the drivers do no leave engines running unnecessarily. (Time lapse is to customer specification)

Battery guard systems - By utilising an Anderson coupling device to operate tail lifts etc. batteries can become depleted. By fitting this system it ensures there is always enough power in the battery to start the engine, avoiding wasted time and inefficiency.

Proximity sensors - additional sensors can be fitted to help drivers manoeuver in tight operating conditions. By fitting lower step sensors it can aid safety and also protect from damage to vehicle.

Raised A-Frames
The fitting of raised A-Frames ensures that suzie leads are always tidy and not tangled at lower levels. This makes it easier to operate at the back of the cab and helps to reduce the hazard of trailing leads. An additional commercial benefit is gained by extending the life of the leads and reducing replacement costs. Compact suzie leads can also be fitted in conjunction with the A-Frame specification.

Air kits
We fit a selection of air management kits to enhance aerodynamics and help to reduce fuel consumption. Forward opening side deflectors can be fitted as an additional feature to improve driver safety when operating on and off the chassis.

Fifth wheels
Any type of fifth wheel can be fitted to meet the specific needs of the customers applications, from air operated sliding mechanisms to duel height applications.

Anti-fuel theft devices
These devices are popular with fleet operators as it is ever more important to totally reduce fuel loss arising from either theft, spillage or overfilling.