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Here at SB Components we pride ourselves on using the latest technological advancements and product innovation to provide our customers with a total vehicle solution.

We are proud to unveil our newest product the ALFIE catwalk which provides a fuel saving solution along with the additional benefit of providing a safer working environment. The ALFIE catwalk has already been tested on various large fleet operators vehicles and all of which have demonstrated some very promising fuel saving results which we are very excited about moving forward into the future.

As well as demonstrating significant fuel saving opportunities the ALFIE also offers the additional benefit of improving working conditions for drivers whilst coupling and uncoupling their vehicles, manufactured from aluminium reverse punch the ALFIE provides a safe working platform for drivers at a time when more and more pressure is rightly being placed on driver safety.

For more information on the ALFIE please click on the brochure image.



By simply inputting the annual mileage of one of your vehicles, it's average MPG, and the price that you pay for fuel. This form will calculate a potential saving with our ALFIE aerodynamic catwalk fitted to your vehicle.


Annual Mileage Average MPG Fuel Cost £/Litre
Annual litres used:
Annual fuel cost:
Potential saving on your vehicles annual fuel bill based on a calculated average saving of 3%.


Total Fleet Size
What saving would you get on your whole fleet?
Annual fuel cost:
Potential saving on your whole fleet's annual fuel bill based on a calculated average saving of 3%.

If you have absolutely any questions, or would like to discuss a free trial on one of your vehicles, please contact our sales team on the details above